The following information was prepared by Rocky River Republican Club member Dr. Jim Schieda and may be distributed.

There is a major crisis happening in the “STIMULUS BILL” which is not transparent.  That is the health care “universal health” provision which will negatively effect every citizen in the United States and, even worse, will be the effect on the elderly.  Even though we hate to admit it, we are the elderly.

The system outlined would be patterned after the system in Canada and the United Kingdom.  At a minimum it would not only dictate the physician who can treat you but it will also dictate the treatment you can receive, based on cost and your life expectancy. They will use their new “electronic medical records” to track all of your medical care and its expense.  They also stated that they will “direct” your physician in your care.  They deny that this means they will deny care, but all you have to do is ever have to deal with your health insurance when they decide to deny care, and you must appeal, and you can only imagine how much worse it will be with the inefficient government “managing” your treatment.  Plus, I can’t imagine that any of us would prefer to have the attorneys and politicians decide our medical needs vs. our own physicians who have spent 7-10 years in medical training learning to care for us.  Oh yes, lets trust politicians!

In addition, I know first hand of health care in Canada.  Heather’s finance’s grandmother was diagnosed with bladder cancer last May. They would not do her surgery, and instead let her wait until November when they elected to care for her.  Do you want your cancer growing for 6 months and invading the rest of your body before anyone will allow you to be treated? That is exactly the power that this portion of the stimulus gives to the government! They just wait and hope you will die in the meantime - IT SAVES THE “SYSTEM” MONEY.( THIS IS SOCIALISM!!!)

In addition, Don’s best friend was diagnosed with testicular cancer at age 34  in Toronto.  They would not do his surgery and wanted him to wait for 6-9 months until he was on the “schedule”. Luckily his Father knew someone in San Francisco who knew a surgeon in Vancouver and arranged for him to come there immediately to have his testicular cancer surgery.  Once again, if they wait to treat, you just might die and save them the money. 

On a trip to New Hampshire several years ago, Lynn developed a bowel obstruction.  In trying to get home to go to the hospital, we got as far as Buffalo before the pain was too bad to continue. We stopped at a hospital and they could not see us for 3 hours or more, because they were getting a flight of patients in from Canada, since there were no beds to treat them there.

When Lynn’s Dad had his hip replacement in Findlay, Ohio, there was an entire family stranded there on their way home to Canada from Florida, since the Dad had stroke symptoms, and was stable but they needed to transfer him to a Canadian hospital - no beds available so they waited for over a week for a bed. 

My neighbor had a stroke at age 49. The Dr. here who treated him was from Canada and told them how lucky they were to be here, since if he was in Canada, they would not be able to get the MRI for at least 6 weeks and the paralysis would have been permanent since they would not be able to use the clot busters without the MRI.  THIS IS NOT THE SYSTEM WE WANT!!!!!

Socialized medicine only works when you are well and don’t need care.  It is so bad in Canada, that now people are purchasing health care insurance and they are going to the 3 tiered system that we already have. They are poorly treated and when the money runs out they shut down hospital beds/wings and don’t open them until the new fiscal year. Need treatment? Too bad!

I DO NOT want Washington involved in my right to choose my medical care and I DO NOT want them overseeing my physician and telling her what she is allowed to do to treat me.  Every single politician will say this is not how it will be, but you need to read the bill. This is exactly how it is written!  And you must remember that no Washington politician will ever suffer from lack of care because .... THEY HAVE THEIR OWN SPECIALIZED MEDICAL INSURANCE AND VARIETY OF SOCIAL SECURITY.  It does not go unnoticed that they are not covered under the same policies as the rest of us to whom they want to dictate. 



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